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TTAni ELISA Canine

TTAni Canine-7 Antibody Titer ELISA/TTAni Canine-8 Antibody Titer ELISA

TTAni Canine Antibody Titer ELISA is a kit to measure the antibody titer in dogs using ELISA technique.
Domestic dogs are vaccinated reqularly to prevent several types of viral and bacterial diseases using comprehensive vaccines arvo, measles, hepatitis, etc, corona vaccination, Kennel cough, rabies, and influenza.
TTAni Canine Antibody Titer ELISA gives the accurate result of the antibody titer in dogs anytime following vaccination. In particular, if the antibody level produced by the previous vaccination is below the protective level after the test, an additional vaccination must be given to ensure protection of dogs from deadly diseases.

  • Extracts various samples

    • Can check a single dilution of (1/100) of antibody titer against 7 or 8 types of diseases

    Easy to use

    • Ready-to-use reagents, easy testing


    • High reproducibility and accuracy


    • Reduce cost by using strip plate

    • Stability for more than 12 months in refrigerated storage

Ordering Information

Cat. No Product Name Size
CE001 CAV Ab ELISA 96 Tests/Kit
CE002 CDV Ab ELISA 96 Tests/Kit
CE003 CPV Ab ELISA 96 Tests/Kit
CE004 CIV Ab ELISA 96 Tests/Kit
CE005 CPIV Ab ELISA 96 Tests/Kit
CE006 CCV Ab ELISA 96 Tests/Kit
CE007 Canine Bordetella bronchiseptica Ab ELISA 96 Tests/Kit
CE008 Canine Rabies Ab ELISA 96 Tests/Kit
CE009 Canine-7 Antibody Titer ELISA(CE001~CE007) 96 Tests/Kit
CE010 Canine-8 Antibody Titer ELISA(CE008+CE009) 96 Tests/Kit
CE011 Canine Babesia gibsoni Ab ELISA 96 Tests/Kit